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Many organisations encounter on a regular basis, clients requesting for software development and/or related services that the company itself is not equipped to provide, because it’s outside of its core business offerings. When this happens, it doesn’t make sense to hire a lot of new staff and dedicate resources to unfamiliar territory in order to try to fulfil the client’s request.  This is the time Ambidross will be able to assist your organisation by partnering with you to bridge this gap. This will be a gainful situation, as clients will be pleased that you’ve found the solutions they’ve been looking for and it will seem to them that you have entered the market purely based on a customer centric response. This would lead to a situation where your profit margins will be greater as we will ensure that we deliver the service at the optimum cost.

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Level 1, 121 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
(03) 8684 9854

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