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Management Expertise

For the effective management of your business, be it optimising the entire business, improve and advance businesses processes, develop new systems with cutting edge technology, or simply improves your organisation’s operational performance, Ambidross offers a highly customised and specialised service that will meet your requirement. We have assisted organisations to improve their customer interactions and experience, streamlined back office operations and effectively manage change.

Ambidross provides the following management expertise

  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Business Process re-engineering
  • Business systems development
  • Systems integration
  • Tender and bid Management
  • Training and development

ISO 27001 | ISO 50001 Certification Consulting

Since 2008, Ambidross has been working with more than 15 organisations in assisting them to comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 50001 standards. We have conducted more than 50 awareness programs and consulted organisation to comply with the standards and attain certification by ensuring proper process, procedures, policies and work instructions are available and documented.

Process design and improvement services

Designing and improving business processes is critical if an organisation is to align its business functions with the needs of its customers and to compete effectively in the market. With streamlined business processes an organisation will be able to optimise the limited resources available to direct and monitor service delivery.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

The uniqueness of our approach to the application of portfolio, program and project management techniques is what differentiates us from competition. Our staring point is to carry out a comprehensive gap analysis to understand the current state and the future aspired state of the client organisation.

Business Analysis Services

Business Analysis is essential to the success of any business process change or transformation specially if it is based on Information Technology. It starts with a clear understanding of the current state and ends with a concise articulation of business requirements that drive change to the end state defined by the business objectives.

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