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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ambidross, we are committed to introducing initiatives to improve communities, reduce our environmental impact and improve the understanding of environmental initiatives to our team, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. That's where our corporate social responsibility information comes in. This section summarises and communicates our performance and focus across key areas relating to corporate social responsibility.

Rotary community service awards

Ambidross is proud to be assisting the annual Rotary community service awards. The annual Rotary Community Service Awards recognise the relationship between Community Service Organisations and their support partners. This program celebrates the vital contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility, Philanthropy and other forms of business, government and Community support to the non profit sector, formally acknowledging their amazing contribution and showcasing some of the wonderful work being done in our community.

Enable the disabled

Ambidross is proudly associated with enable the disabled, a non profit organization, registered with the Social Services Ministry of Sri Lanka.Objective is to create an environment where there are equal opportunities for the handicapped, by creating awareness of the abilities of the disabled, through unique programmes.

Established under the Management Club, as its corporate social responsibility arm.Incorporated and registered as a Company, with a Board of Directors and an Executive committee.

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